Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well....Where do I start?

Tahlee was just awesome! Being able to spend time with the Johns family for a week,
Helping with the tour,singing for the tours, etc...etc...etc,& just being there,it was really good.

& easterfest!! Wow! It was the first time I've been, & to see the bands that I've
grown up with their music & I've sung their was amazing.
I mean, there was the not so fun parts,like when your in the car & somebody forgot
to put deodorant's not so nice.
Then there was the rain, the mud on EVERYTHING,the sickness that half of my family caught while we were up there(which thankfully I didn't catch) But I would definitely like to go again.I'd like to go next year,because they'll have my favourite band....but I don't think we will. :(

Anyway,I think that whoever is reading this right now....if your thinking of going to easterfest,do it,it's worth it.

I hope that you've enjoyed this blog(but maybe not....) Naomi


SanDe on 23/4/09 2:24 PM said...

Loved it!!! Blog more!!! Burn some plastic with your fingers on the keyboard .... if you can knock a bigger person off the internet I guess. :)

Naomi on 23/4/09 3:56 PM said...

Hehehe. Yes,It does take awhile to get on the internet. So you just got to write it before you come on. There will always be someone waiting to come on after you.

Love you Mum.

paulini on 28/4/09 6:01 PM said...

I'm glad you had such a great time, my love.
It's such a pity your caught that sick bug. :(

Naomi on 28/4/09 6:04 PM said...

Yeah, we had a really good time, it was heaps fun. I'd do it again.

Anonymous said...

hey mim! you said to comment, and i don't want to even THINK of facing your wrath if i didn't , so i'm commenting!! :D
I'm glad you had such a great time with the John's family [whoever they are?] lol
I hope you didn't get too angry with that friend of yours who wouldn't let you buy her a box of smarties.. :)
just to let you know there are no more smarties in the canteen anymore coz i bought the last box! lol
okay my comments long enough now..
glad you had an awesome time at easterfest...
luv ya!!

Naomi on 13/5/09 3:20 AM said...

Hey!!!I'm not that bad!

Oh,Well, The Johns are just a family that we know...I have this really good friend from that family.

What?!?! You bought the last packet of smarties?
You'd better watch out next Saturday!!!(I'll get you for that! lol)

Yeah, Easterfest was really fun.

Got to go. Love you lots Nicky!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey stomper!!

It was lovely to see ya & fam the other day!! You cooked the steak to perfection!!
Next time I see ya my leg will be a little better, so watch out!! I'm warning you!! I owe your little toes about 1000!! Then we will be even.

Good to hear you enjoyed yourself at tahlee & easterfest. I catch ya round!!


Naomi on 18/5/09 3:29 AM said...

Hey James!!

Ohhhh, thankyou. I think I did a rather good job of it myself.

Oh oh!! I'm going to be so sore next time we see you. You've got bigger feet then me so it's not really fair.

See you later, Naomi

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