Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rhemathon to Rhememba

Rhemathon was last weekend!!!

Over the last two days, I ( & my family) have gone down to Rhema 99.7 to help them with Rhemathon.
It has been so fun, tiring but fun.

On Saturday, Dad, Rowena,Caleb & I went down,Dad was on one of the phone's,Caleb & I were running & doing odd jobs, & also cheering down in the tally room. Rowena, Alli(a friend), Caleb, Aaron( an announcer at Rhema) & I, formed a "air band". It was funny, during the songs, one of us would do the drums, one would do the guitar....etc...etc....etc.

On Sunday, The whole family came down, & basically did the same, Dad did a phone, us kids would run the pledges down to the tally room..etc..etc. I also helped Michelle(the receptionist) with some stuff.

You can go onto Rhema' website if you want, click here



Caleb on 15/6/09 6:28 PM said...

I was there, I was there, I had fun, I had fun, And most importantly i was a volunteer.

Naomi on 15/6/09 6:54 PM said...

Your Weird!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mim , glad you had a good time.
Love Nan

Sande on 28/6/09 4:23 PM said...

Hey Mim

Tag your in! The 6th of the 6th photo blog tag game.

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